Debbie Seidel Bittke, RDH, BS is the founder and CEO of Dental Practice Solutions.

Debbie has been a leader in dental hygiene department systems and optimization.

During the 2008 economic decline, dentists contacted Dental Practice Solutions to help create solutions to plug the holes in their schedules.

During this difficult time in dentistry, Debbie created a Dental Practice Growth System.

The idea was the patients were offered free teeth whitening when they scheduled their hygiene appointments.

When the patients pre-scheduled their future hygiene appointments and when they needed to change an appointment, the patients were asked to called at least 48 hours in advance of their appointments.

In return for patients loyalty and as a member of the free whitening club, patients would receive 1 whitening syringe at no cost.

Since the pandemic of 2020, the Dental Practice Growth System evolved into what we now call The Smile Club.

The latest LED Light technology mouthpiece eliminates the need for impressions, and fabrication of whitening trays.

The Blue LED Lights BOOST whiter teeth fast and Red LED Lights are known to heal, soothe, and comfort oral discomfort or mouth sores.

Users of the system have reported a decrease in mouth sores during chemotherapy and Chron’s disease.

  • Expertise and Experience

    As one of the top dental hygiene and a former hygiene department program director, Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS, and her team brigh bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your office. We understand the intricacies of dental hygiene department systems and services, we understand how to implement strategies to have a productive and patient centric dental hygiene department The Dental Practice Growth System is one system that has been proven effective for a dental practice to grow without adding more overhead. We show you how to add 100k annually without working harder or more days. We work with scientists to bring you the very best -safe and sensitivity-free ingredients when you use our “wholesale” whitening products.

  • White Glove Onboarding

    We understand you are busy! Once you place your order we will schedule an onboarding session with your team. After you place you’re office marketing tools will be ready to use so patients walk into your office curious about your teeth whitening system and how they can get FREE teeth whitening with their add-on to their current office membership plan or join your membership plan which includes a whitening kit and the opportunity to receive free whitening pens and discounts on teeth whitening products.

  • Customized Approach

    Every practice is unique, and during your white-glove, onboarding session will take the time to understand your dental practice and your hygiene department. We will help you determine the best fit to enroll patients in this (cosmetic dentitry) whitening program. We work with your hygiene department and they learn how to add value to appointments, asking patients specific questions which in return keep patients returning for their appointments and you will notice an increase in case acceptance after your onboarding session.

  • Results Driven

    We are committed to delivering measurable results. Our growth strategies are designed to achieve tangible outcomes that positively impact your practice’s bottom line. After you complete your onboarding session you will see a BOOST in case acceptance rates, increasing hygiene department productivity, enhanced patient retention, and more hygiene department production. Should you want to track your progress, we have the tools available to support your continued success.

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